Monday, 8 June 2015

House of Cards (as a metaphor)

Curators of the future:  Please don't put this in a retrospective
 of my work after I am dead. I will haunt you if you do   

One time when I was at Uni I filled a match box up with spent matches and called it a Self Portrait but I don’t do things like that anymore. Another time I spent a month teaching myself to build a house of cards (as a metaphor) then decided it was a bad idea and never told anyone about it. This is what happens if you try and make art without ever stopping to ask what it’s for or what you are making it about. Do that and you will find yourself showing a collection of unrelated objects to a room full of people who look as confused as you feel. This experience is not fun for anyone involved and could be used as a cautionary tale by anyone tasked with explaining to an art student why they need theory. Do you want to explain to your peer group why you spent the last semester sticking a whole packet of plasters into your sketch book? No? Then shut up and read some Marxism or something. Do not try and make any more conceptual art until you at least have a concept. 

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